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Our vision

Investivity SA is an investment management and fintech company based in Geneva, Switzerland, managing, co-managing and advising the assets of institutional and private clients, using top notch risk-management and risk premia configurable strategies.

We founded the company with an overarching vision: bespoke and robust investment strategies should be made accessible to a much broader set of private investors, wealth managers and institutional investors.

H. I.

H. I. stands for Human Intelligence. Our aim is to make wealth management fully scalable and efficient without losing personalization and attention to each client's needs.

Whether you are an independent wealth manager, a family office, an institutional investor or a private client, we will use for you the best investing vehicles, tools and solutions, broadening the scope and reach of what are considered institutional level strategies.


Capital preservation, affordability and robust risk-adjusted performance are our defining pillars.

We create portfolios that are as sophisticated as the best multi-asset-class multi-strategy funds but as simple to use as ETFs.

As a client, you can now access a broad set of top notch investment strategies that you can assemble and customize at will if you wish so.

No more top-down one-size-fits-all and expensive funds.

Our Logo

The three triangles represent the three axes along which we add value: clients, investments, operations.

It is also the plug-and-play button, demultiplied, which allows you to adopt and adapt flexibly new strategies.

Fast-forward to the future of wealth and asset management.

Get now the degree of customization and sophistication that only the largest institutions could obtain before through bespoke mandates.

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